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Why Do I need Title Insurance?

The current owner of property has rights and so does the family and heirs of the owner. Other parties may also have rights to the property such as mortgages, liens due to unpaid taxes, lien claims to those whom the owner owes money, etc. As a new owner you may know nothing about these risks, but you are still vulnerable to such claims on your property.

Our Business

As a Title company, we will schedule your closing, contact all parties involved for the time and
date specified, obtain current payoffs on your mortgage loan (s) and record all documents
subsequent to closing. In addition, Maximum Title will be in contact with the buyer’s lending
institution making sure all their requirements are met. In other words, if you sell your home,
we’ll take it from there.

A Title Insurance Policy from Maximum Title & Escrow can give you "Peace of Mind" against all the problems that can arise with titles.