Title and Escrow Facts From Maximum Title & Escrow Service Inc.

What Does a Title Company like Maximum Title & Escrow Services Do for Me?

  1. Prepare Title Exam
  2. Report findings to Customer, Lender, Attorney and Real Estate Company (if applicable)
  3. Schedule and Coordinate the closing
  4. Close Real Estate Transaction
  5. Record all documents with proper agencies
  6. Disburse Monies
  7. Mail final policy to new owner
  8. Mail Mortgage Policy to Lender

The Title Company Has Two Main Responsibilities

  1. We will make certain that the buyer receives a guaranteed or insured title to the property being purchased.
  2. We will make certain the Seller receives the proceeds from the sale after any liens, taxes, costs and charges have been paid.

For us to perform these two functions, certain items are needed or will be completed by Maximum Title & Escrow Services, Inc

  1. Maximum Title & Escrow Services, Inc. must obtain a purchase agreement from the Seller signed by both Buyer and Seller.
  2. We need you to place your title order with us.
  3. We must verify financing. We need Lender’s information unless it’s a cash transaction.
  4. We need to collect from seller, information to obtain pay-offs, for all liens and mortgages.
  5. We need the Buyer’s Homeowners Insurance Policy information for the new home.
  6. All Points of sale agreed to in the purchase agreement are met prior to closing date.
  7. The signed deed must be obtained from the seller.
  8. We arrange for the deed to be filed and the new mortgage to be placed on the property (if applicable). This is done by taking the mortgage and the deed to the recorder’s office in the county where the subject property is located

I Have Signed a Contract, What do I do Now?

Call our office at 440-801-5000 to arrange your closing. We will do our best to work around your schedule.